"Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins."

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Palestinian children look out from their family’s house, which was badly damaged during the recent Israeli offensive, in the east of Gaza City. 

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I desperately want to marry a guy like him

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Post racial Amerikkka

I’m so disgusted.

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Women firefighters douse flames during the Pearl Harbor attack.

Oh hay look women of colour were an integral part of the ‘cool’ part of history too, how about that.  They were like. Doing stuff that supposedly only heroic white dudes had done. That makes women valid participants in collective history now, right? Right? This is in high school history books now, right? Right? Huh?

It reminds me of that one famous painting/sculpture of the soldiers raising the flag

I like this one a lot better.

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Not bringing any political mess in and who supports who and so on. I’m sure most people are well aware of the situation in Pakistan right now. Posting this purely on the bases of humanity, to ask for prayers for those who have their lives in danger right now. Being in power in whatever way does not provide you a licence to kill people. It’s disgusting how Politics run in our country. May god protect Pakistan!

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What do you mean 'bye'? I ain't going no where

Imma stalk you

Okay this is called creepy bye.